New Version Multi-Tool Angle Measuring Gauge Jig Ideal For Tormek, Grizzly, Wen, Jet Knife Sharpening Compatible with Self Centering Jig


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NOTE: Felt Pads are included with the angle tool.

The 3 main factors in determining an accurate edge angle are wheel diameter, support bar height, and projection distance which can be difficult to measure effectively with traditional measuring tools.

Here are a couple of video links to my YouTube channel to show how it works.

There is not another tool on the market as accurate as this one for setting machine distances for water cooled sharpening systems This All in OneTool makes finding accurate Wheel Diameter, Support Bar height, and Projection Distance quick and easy. 

As an amateur sharpener myself, and an owner of a Tormek for a little over a year, I've struggled with getting these measurements accurately which is why I designed this tool to be easy to use. 

The slide bar is adjustable and can be locked into any measurement setting desired from 50mm to 250mm making it a great time saver when swapping out knives in the jig for production sharpening.  The design allows for easy measurement from the top of the guide bar through the center of the shaft.  The tool is also designed to assist with squaring up the knife in the jig to ensure an even 'heel to tip' bevel.  It's built sturdy, but not heavy at all;  the marks are 1mm increments from 50mm-250mm.   Whether you're a professional sharpener or a hobbyist, this is one tool you'll definitely want to add to your arsenal.  After purchase, I will send a detailed .PDF file with pictures and an explanation of how each function of the Multi tool is designed to be used. 

Are you sharpening Chisels frequently? The chisel squares are an available upgrade ($9.99) for effortlessly squaring your chisel into the square edge jig.  Two sizes are included with the set, and can be used similar to a framing square, or slid over the end of the square edge jig to give a longer straight edge to place the chisel against for squaring. 

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Feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for looking.

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Arrived quickly. Perfect for what I need it to do. Makes deterring sharpening angles very easy.